Metal Fabricator Skills Assessment Australia

Australian Construction Training Services (ACTS) operate their UK and Ireland Metal Fabricator Skills Assessments programme from the Down Under Centre. The Down Under Centre host the technical Skype interviews and work with UK and Irish Metal Fabricators to ensure that they are prepared for their Metal Fabricating Skills Assessment.

ACTS are Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) approved to deliver Skills Assessments for the purpose of migration for Metal Fabricators looking to gain a Visa and work in Australia as a Metal Fabricator.

Once you have spoken to a MARA approved Migration Agent you will be told if you require a Metal Fabricator Skills Assessment. At this point the Down Under Centre can assist you in completing your application for a Skills Assessment. Once you have successfully passed your Skills Assessment as a Metal Fabricator, you will be given your Australian engineering Certificate 111 which is now your Australian Metal Fabricator Qualification. Australian employers may ask for this qualification during your interview process. The Skills Assessment will give you both your letter for migration and your Australian qualification as a Metal Fabricator.

The Down Under Centre deliver the technical Skype interviews for Metal Fabricators daily from our London offices, we also have venues in Ireland and Scotland if this is more convenient for you.

The Down Under Centre specialises in Metal Fabricator Skills Assessments for the purpose of migration to Australia. We work with many UK and Australian based MARA approved migration companies to make sure your Stage 2 Application (gathering of evidence) contains all of the right information and that it’s presented correctly for ACTS to assess.

Australian Construction Training Service have offices in Queensland, Victoria, NSW, and Western Australia. If you are based in the UK or Ireland feel free to make contact with ACTS directly on 0203 375 9333 to discuss your Metal Fabrication Skills Assessment for Australia.



The Skills Assessment process for Metal Fabricator Engineers is divided into three sections. Metal Fabrication in Australia is not a licensed trade therefore at the end of your Australian Metal Fabricator Skills Assessment you will receive your full Australian qualification. 

1. SELF ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE: An online self-evaluation form to make sure your skill level is at the standard immigration is looking for. Please note the mandatory requirements and how many electives you will need to complete. Once complete please email to our office at or call our office on 020 3316 1555 and one of our trained staff can assist you. This is a free service. Download the Metal Fabricator SAQ here


DOCUMENTARY ASSESSMENT - £510: This part of the Skills Assessment and in fact the Visa is considered to be the most difficult part from many Australian MARA approved migration agents. You will need to prove that you are a qualified or an experienced Metal Fabricator Engineer. If you do not hold a UK engineering qualification and have the necessary years of paid experience you can still be assessed for the purpose of migrating to Australia. 

WHAT EVIDENCE IS REQUIRED? You will be asked to prove you have a minimum of three years' experience working as a Metal Fabricator Engineer and that you have been working as a Fabricator for 12 months out of the last 36 months. You will be asked to supply bank statements, invoices, payslips and/ or employment references as evidence of this. You will also need to make sure that you supply certified copies of your evidence and at least 20 photos of your Metal Fabrication work, please make sure you are in full PPE gear in the photos as you will be assessed on Occupational Health and Safety. Click here for the Application Form 

It is important to remember that most of the evidence you gather for your Metal Fabrication Skills Assessment is also required for your Visa. The Down Under Centre suggest that you ask your migration agent what years of work experience you require for the Visa so that you won’t need to go back and forth to employers, banks and referees.

The Down Under Centre offer an Agency Service to assist you with this part of the Skills Assessment and make it as easy and as stress-free as possible. For further information click here 

ADMINISTRATION FEE - £176 GBP: The Administration Fee is collected from all candidates by the authorised RTO performing the Skills Assessment. This fee is then paid to Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) as they now are charging the Skill Assessing body a fee of £176 to process the skills assessments.



The final part of your Skills Assessment as a Metal Fabricator is a Technical Skype interview. Here you will be required to come to our London venue The Down Under Centre based conveniently next to Ealing Broadway underground station Alternatively you can choose to carry out your technical Skype interview at a venue in Ireland or Scotland.

We will organise an Australian qualified Metal Fabricator who is also an Australian qualified trainer and assessor in all engineering fabrication components to discuss your Stage 2 Application with you as well as your everyday working life as a Metal Fabricator. This is why it’s very important that you have provided ACTS and their assessor with a full Stage 2 Pack. Please note that if the assessor feels that you are not able to match the required units of competency they will ask you to provide further information or complete a practical assessment/ site visit which will be at your own cost. The Down Under Centre has never had a client that has required a site visit, as we work closely with our engineers to ensure that this does not need to happen. The assessors understand that you may be anxious and nervous. They will discuss your application with you in a calm manner in a relaxed environment and do all they can to assist you and put you at ease. 

Note: After the Technical Interview, if the assessor feels that they are not confident with your skills, they may request a practical assessment with a fee of £767. 



The Administration Fee is collected from all candidates by the authorised RTO performing the Skills Assessment. This fee is then paid to Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) as they now are charging the Skill Assessing body a fee of £176 to process the skills assessments.


White Card

As a Metal Fabricator, you will need to obtain your White Card for Australia in order to work on any Australia building/construction site. The White Card is equivalent to your CSCS Card. We provide an online course and issue the Western Australia White Card which is accepted Australia-wide. To get started, visit our White Card Course page and Register an account. 

Once you have passed, your White Card will be posted to the address you supplied in your registration.



There is a demand for Metal Fabricators in Australia as Australia has a growing economy and an ageing population meaning the workforce is drying up. Metal fabricators in Australia need to complete a four year apprenticeship to obtain their certificate 111 in engineering and fabrication. (ANZSCO; 322311)

Metal Fabricators in Australia may build ships, submarines, work on structural steel, architectural steel/metal, and work in general fabrication and make repairs to metal structures. Fabricators in Australia would join, cut and shape metal components. They are required to use moulds to produce patterns for metal castings and be able to coat a variety of materials. Most Fabricators work in production areas in workshops, and must follow health and safety procedures.

Metal Fabricators in Australia will be required to complete the following duties:

  • Mark out materials.
  • Examine detailed drawings or specifications to find out job, material and equipment requirements.
  • Cut and shape metal components.
  • Cut, roll, shape, bend, mould, spin, heat or hammer metal products to fabricate parts or sub-assemblies.
  • Assemble parts and structures by lining up and joining them by welding, bolting or riveting.
  • Use welding equipment including Oxy-Acetylene welding and MIG weld. 
  • Finish products by cleaning, polishing, filing or bathing them in acid solutions, or by applying protective or decorative coatings.
  • Heat treat metal parts and components.
  • Set up and/or operate hand and machine tools, welding equipment or Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines.
  • Select, clean and prepare metal stock.
  • Cut marked-out metal sections and shapes using hand tools, flame cutting torches and metal cutting machines.
  • Align parts to be joined using hand tools and measuring instruments.
  • Examine welds for width of bead, penetration and precision.
  • Clean and smooth welds by filing, chiselling and grinding.

During your Metal Fabricator Skills Assessment for Australia you will be required to prove that you can carry out the above tasks through your Technical Skype interview and Stage 2 Application. If you require more information please fill in the enquiry form and one of our experienced staff will be in touch with you as soon as possible.



Engineers and Fabricators in Australia can be very well paid. The demand for Metal Fabricators to work in Australia has risen over the years. The Down Under Centre works with many different recruitment companies and employers around Australia. Once you are employed as a Metal Fabricator you are entitled to a pension which is currently set at 9.5% of your wage. This is put into your pension scheme by your employer and is not deducted from your weekly salary.

Metal Trades have an office here in London with the Down Under Centre. Metal Trades requires Welders who are ready to move to Australia, to make contact with us. You can find all Engineering jobs available on our jobs page! 

You can contact their UK office on 0203 889 7526 or email them at



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