Pathways to Aus is Education Agency that has assisted over a thousand clients from 30 different countries study and migrate to Australia. We have 2 offices based in Australia and one in London so we can provide both in country and offshore support.

Pathway to Aus has developed as an industry leader in advising clients on the their best study pathways that will allow them the highest opportunity of obtaining work visas upon graduation. We are partnered with the best education providers in the country and can offer clients a vast selection of courses in cities all over Australia.

We can place students in vocational colleges and universities all over Australia. However we specialise in placing students in trade courses that once finished, may allow students to obtain work visas to Australia.

Some of our most popular courses for international students include:

Carpentry Automotive Plumbing Childcare Joinery Commercial Cookery Business Marketing Fitness Sports and Recreation Social Media Marketing Barbering Hospitality

If you are interested in studying in Australia, feel free to contact us and we can provide you with different course options anywhere around Australia.


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