Date 08.11.2017

A map from the 17th Century was found in an attic and has now gone on display!

The map of 17th Century Australia is just one of the two that are left and is visible for you to finally see. It was created in 1659 by a Dutch cartographer Joan Blaeu and was thought to have been lost for all eternity.

The Archipelagus Orientalis, or Eastern Archipelago, was found in storage in Sweden in 2010 after being hidden for 350 years.

You can see this Aussie map on show at Australia’s National Library. The owners of the map only realised it’s rarity when the map was being sold at auction.

This map is based on a sighting of Tasmania by Abel Tasman’s crew aboard the Zeehan in 1642. It is said to have been the most current reflection of Australia during the time of it’s creation before it was altered by Captain Cook in the 1770’s.

Source: BBC News