8 steps to getting your Skilled visa with the DUC

1. Have a consultation

A consultation will be arranged to learn more about you, so we can determine your visa points and potential skilled visa options. We’ll also explain what we do and our costs. Please provide accurate information on your qualifications and work experience in your consultation, as these will be important with the skills assessment and visa applications.

In some cases, a consultation fee might be asked, if one of our team feels the need to explain in more detail how to obtain your skills assessment/visa. If a consultation fee is requested, this will be deducted from our visa service fees, should you sign up with us.

Please ensure you mention any health/character issues during your consultation. Health and good character criteria must be met as part of a skilled visa application; only the Department of Home Affairs can determine the final outcome. If you have any health/character issues, this will be discussed in your consultation.

2. Agency Service 

Once signed up (known as our Agency service (£600 + VAT), you will work with our skills team for your skills assessment. 

  • We’ll explain what documents you need to gather, how to gather them and where to get them from. If you are using our services for the visa application, we will also gather the required years of evidence when claiming points for work experience.
  • You also get access to our private FB group – full of current/previous clients. This is an amazing group where we have created a community where clients can talk about the emotional side and you’ll be frequently updated by our migration experts. 
  • You can get discounts to relocation partner services. 
  • You will also get FREE access to the DUC Employment Hub (and partner if applicable).
  • Discount for the PTE English test and scored practice test (UK & Ireland only).

Already completed your skills assessment?
Not a problem! Our migration consultants can provide a personalised quote to explain our visa services and costs. You’ll still receive the benefits mentioned above. See our services from Step 6.

3. Sit the English test…

…so our team can then work out your points score. We have English test experts who can help you to achieve maximum points on the English test.

Is an English test mandatory?
It is not mandatory for some passport holders (UK, Ireland, Canada, USA and NZ). But to gain points for an Australian visa, you can secure 10 or 20 additional points by completing an English test depending on your score. Some skill assessments require you to sit an English test. See more on English Tests for migration.

4. Sign up to our visa services

We highly recommend signing up for our visa services where our visa team will review your documentation collected for the skills assessment and confirm your points score and options (£450 + VAT). We usually advise this service prior to paying for your skills assessment, as there is no point having a skills assessment if you can’t use it for a visa.

5. Prepare and submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) and State Nomination Application

Once you receive your positive skills assessment, we will be document ready to submit your EOI and State Nomination (£300+ VAT).

6. Lodge your skilled visa application

After receiving your invitation to apply for the visa, your dedicated visa consultant will prepare and lodge your visa application (£750-£1,000 + VAT).

If you have already completed your own skills assessment, then you can sign up to our visa services. We’ll provide a personalised quote for this and our visa team will work with you to gather your evidence, process your Expression of Interest and State Nomination and lodge your visa application (£1,750-£2,000+ VAT).

At this point, you’ll be eligible for 2 consultations with our Relocation Team; a previous migrant who is based in the state you wish to move to. The first consultation will discuss your employment, run through your DUC Employment Hub profile (and partner if applicable), upskilling for jobs, and introduce you to our employment division. The second consultation will cover your move – how to save money on relocation costs, what your first month is Australia will be like, and much, much more. Our Relocation Agents are previous DUC clients who have settled in Australia.

7. Once you’ve lodged your visa

The visa team will provide all the relevant information for police checks and medical examinations.

8. Visa gets granted

You’ll always be a client and we’ll always be here to help you. Check out our client testimonials.