Accent Health Recruitment


ACCENT Health Recruitment specialises in permanent and contract placements of medical professionals throughout New Zealand. Being based in New Zealand, ACCENT has relationships with a variety of potential employers throughout the country. This local knowledge will save you time and stress, and this means that you don’t miss out on any relevant opportunities.

The whole process will take between six weeks and six months – it is best to start the process earlier rather than later! No question is too small for the team at ACCENT. Make contact now! Even if you are booked to fly to New Zealand in one week or planning to visit in one year, it takes only a moment to email your details and questions to us.


ACCENT candidates will receive the following benefits:

Dedicated recruitment consultant  with end-to-end service Assistance with registration and relocation When you arrive, ACCENT will organize your airport pick up Your initial accommodation will be booked and paid for by Accent ACCENT will continue to assist you through the re-settlement process before you leave your own country and well after you arrive. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES

There are a variety of employment opportunities, private or public, urban or rural community, hospital or clinic based. Positions are available throughout New Zealand.

Accent Health Recruitment

Tel: 0808 23 444 68 or +6421 403 143