Date 22.03.2016 The Down Under Centre deliver an AQF III Qualification as well as Trades Skills Assessments. An AQF III Qualification is required for specific Trades, so that you can go on further to gain your Trades Skills Assessment for the purpose of migration. 

We deliver an AQF III Qualification to these trades:

Painter | Glazier | Glass Processor | Fibrous Plasterer | Ceiling Fixer | Gyprocker | Solid Plasterer | Renderer | Roof Plumber | Metal Roofer | Floor Finisher | Carpet Layer | Timber Floor | Vinyl/Roof Tiler | Roof Restoration | Cabinet Maker | Kitchen Maker | Furniture Maker | Wall and Floor Tiler

Process for getting AQF III Qualification:


This is a self-assessment eglibility tool to make sure you have the skills required to complete this process. This is a self-completed assessment consisting of cu=ompulsory units and chosen electives to assess if you will have the experience to complete the AQFIII Assessment successfully.


Completing your personal details and providing ID verification documents before we can issue your client pack to start your process.


Once you are satisfied with your Enrolment form and self-assessment  and you have the green light from a MARA approved migration agent you are ready to complete your AQF III Qualification. You will be issued a client pack to work your way through and then asked to supply the corresponding evidence . In short,  you are required to prove you have the necessary skills to work as your trade in Australia. You will need to provide evidence you have been qualified for more than three years and that you have worked in your trade for a minimum of 12 months out of the last 36 months. You will be asked to prove this via pay slips, invoices, bank statements and/ or employment references. You also need to make sure you supply certified copies of your evidence and at least 20 photos of your work.

The Down Under Centre can provide you with an agency service to assist you at this stage as it is considered to be the most difficult stage of your visa application. It pays to make sure you gather the year’s evidence your migration agent requires correctly so that you are not going back and forth to employers. Please call us on 0203 376 1555 to enquire about our agency service and how it can specifically help you.

You will also be required to supply a minimum of 80 photos, so please start taking as many photos as you can. These will relate directly to the photo evidence guide in your client pack.


The final part of getting your AQF III Qualification is a technical skype interview where applicants will be required in an assessment their skills and knowledge. It will be conducted by an Australian qualified tradesperson from your trade area. The assessor will focus on collected evidence, in particular employment history and skills and knowledge, to determine whether the competencies of the Australian Qualification are met. This fee is paid directly to Australian Construction Training Services (ACTS) in order to undertake your technical interview.

**Please note that, should you need to cancel/reschedule your interview or fail to bring the correct ID & paperwork on the day, you must pay a fee of £160 GBP / €190 Euro. For any reason, should you not attend or fail the interview, you will need to pay a re-booking fee of £510 GBP / €600 Euro.


This stage is only required if the assessor from your Technical Skype Interview is not confident of your skills. They will request a site visit for your Practical Demonstration. This is used to gain a further insight into the applicant’s competency, by way of demonstrating skills, using appropriate tools and equipment. The task based activity may be conducted in a dedicated training facility or on an actual worksite. Please note, ACTS will not provide the relevant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or tools and equipment for the tasks, and each applicant is required to supply their own. Failure to bring appropriate PPE may mean that the applicant could be excluded from the Practical demonstration.

Call the Down Under Centre today, if you are looking to get your AQF III Qualification on 0203 376 1555