Date 03.02.2016 ‘ Ever considered the move to Australia but overwhelmed by the process? The walk-in Down Under Centre in London should be your first point of contact for all your queries regarding the move to Oz! Talk to one of their highly-trained advisors for everything you need to know about migration to the other side of the world and enjoy a smooth transition – quickly and efficiently organised!

The primary focus of the Down Under Centre is to provide skills assessments for the purpose of migration to Australia. This is exercised by Australian Construction Training Services (ACTS) and Future Skills International (FSI) who are official government approved registered Training Organisations (RTO) for the purpose of migration.

ACTS work alongside those with practical skills and previous work experience in engineering and construction trades. ACTS seek to gather together proof of work and previous qualifications to issue you a skills assessment and ultimately your Australian Certificate III – a qualification that is valid in Australia.

Future Skills International offer the skills assessment process exclusively for electricians seeking to obtain an OTSR (Offshore Technical Skills Record) for the purpose of migration to Australia. The OTSR gives electricians the right to work in Australia.

As well as these two predominant bodies, other companies in the Down Under Centre include PSS – international removal specialists who can organise the shipping of removals and baggage to Australia. Australia Nursing Agency (ANA) are also situated in the centre and are a Melbourne-based nursing recruiter supplying private and public hospitals with fully trained and qualified nurses for ad hoc shifts as well as permanent placements. Last but not least the Working Holiday Club are also on hand to provide packages to help people coming to the UK from Australia, or making the move to Australia. The advisors are also readily available to discuss lifestyle and typical standard of living in Australia. Next stop – Oz!

The walk-in Down Under Centre is also frequently used for handy migration events, monthly webinars and fact-filled seminars that enlighten visitors on the procedure involved with the move to Oz, and inform on the realities of life in Australia.