Date 10.09.2013 Greece has commenced the necessary processes for the signing of a reciprocal working holiday visa agreement with Australia and is waiting on the Australian government to deliver the paperwork, according to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece Akis Gerontopoulos.

The new work and holiday visa arrangement will allow young people from Australia and Greece to visit each country for up to 12 months.

‘From now on it’s an Australian issue – if Australia brings us the agreement we will sign it,’ Mr Gerontopoulos said.

This is the second time within the past three months that the Greek government had announced its desire to expedite the reciprocal agreement and sign off the agreement before September 2013.

If the agreement is commenced, Greek nationals are permitted to work for up to 6 months with each employer and undertake up to 4 months of study or training. It may also be possible to apply for another 12 months working holiday visa if at least 3 months of seasonal work has been undertaken in regional Australia.

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