Date 11.05.2017 You may have heard that Australia and New Zealand have made huge changes to their immigration policies.

Australia Immigration changes

Australia is scrapping the 457 employer sponsored visa and the world is waiting to see what will replace it. The main reason for the change is to protect jobs for Australians so it is likely that people who could previously have gone down the 457 route may not now fit the new criteria.

New Zealand Immigration changes

New Zealand has increased the points total required for residence under the skilled migrant category and is about to introduce changes that will affect people here in NZ on temporary visas or who are looking to apply for one. The main change is that a skilled job is now classified by being on the skills list but also paying a salary of $49k NZD or above. A salary below that level will not allow a route to residence.

So if you are looking to make a move down under to Australia or New Zealand the game has changed and you need to know what your options are.

Did you know that if you secure residence in Australia you are allowed to live and work in New Zealand?

Did you also know that if you get citizenship for New Zealand you are allowed to live and work in Australia?

So one country opens up the other and vice versa.

This is why it is so important to explore all your options. If you were considering a move to Australia you should find out what your options are for New Zealand as well.

New Zealand Migration Webinar

Our next New Zealand webinar takes place next week, Tuesday 16th May 8:00PM. It is free and Paul Goddard from Migration Planners will be talking live about the changes and the opportunities available in New Zealand. Paul Goddard will be offering free consultations to suitable people who we can help but you need to register!

Jobs in New Zealand

We will also be joined by recruiters covering healthcare, construction, IT and teaching. We have access to employers looking for skilled people from most occupations. Take a look at the list of skilled occupations and see if you could fit!

To register your place just click the link below and complete all the fields on the registration form


If you find that you have good options for a move to New Zealand then you will find the webinar invaluable.

If you have already decided that New Zealand is for you then we look forward to seeing you online and we will also be joined by The Bay Of Plenty Economic Development Agency based in Tauranga NZ.

We also have free Australian Migration Webinars every month. Secure your spot for our next Webinar Tuesday 6th June 7:30PM today! Find out more here and register from our website.

Skills Assessment for Australia

Do you need to obtain your Trades Skills Assessment? Find out what Trades we can deliver Skill Assessments.

Carpenter Skills Assessment Electrician Skills Assessment Joiner Skills Assessmentand more!