Date 14.07.2016 Australia currently has a shortage of labourers, and one of the main trade jobs needed, are carpenters. If you are a carpenter who is considering on moving to Australia, read this guide and see if moving to and working in Australia is the right step for you.

Employment Prospects

“Will I really get a job as a carpenter in Australia?” you might ask. Well, the short answer is “Yes”. This isn’t a guarantee that you’ll find work right away, though, but Carpenters is currently listed on the Skilled Occupation List for Australia. The industry has grown considerably in the past ten years, and it’s projected to grow strongly up until 2019. Specifically, more than 50,000 jobs are expected to be available to carpenters within the next few years, which means there are more than enough vacancies for you to choose from.

Skills You Should Have

As a carpenter, you need to know how to choose the right tool or equipment for the job, monitor it to ensure it functions properly, and control machines or systems to get the job done right. You also need to know quality control analysis to ensure your projects come out well and operations analysis to create the right design for your clients.

But don’t just stop there; to be a good carpenter, you’ll also need to have soft skills that are important to your job. These include critical thinking (i.e. identifying problems and thinking of solutions), active listening (paying attention to your clients to know exactly what they want), and time management (pacing your tasks properly to ensure they get done on time).

Working in Australia

Before you can work in Australia as a carpenter, you should first obtain the appropriate working visa. You’ll also need to take an occupational health and safety course to get an OH&S General Induction Certificate (aka a White Card), as well as a Skills Assessment which is necessary if you want to work in the construction industry.

Before even looking for carpentry jobs in Australia, you may be required to obtain a skills assessment in Carpentry. Call the Down Under Centre today and have a free evaluation to find out whether you require to take a skills assessment for the purpose of migration to Australia.

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