Date 03.10.2017

What type is the best for your child?

Australia’s standard of education is well-known and many emigrants pick to move to Australia for that very reason – whether it be for their own education or their children’s.

The Australian government puts a strong importance on quality and diversity of subjects meaning many skills, qualifications and benefits are provided for through the Australian education system.

In Australia the ages for school attendance vary from state to state – however the usual age that children must attend school is between the ages of 5-17 years.

Public Schools in Australia

About ⅔ of the expat and local people of Australia send their children to state schools. Brief residents may be responsible to fixed tuition fees, depending on which state they choose to live in. Like most countries, parents or guardians are required to pay for uniforms and stationery.

Permanent resident visa holders can send their children to school for free – even though voluntary contributions may still be obligatory – so make sure you check with the school or local education authority to clarify this when budgeting for your move to Australia.

Additionally, when you want to register your child in a school in Australia you will need to offer proof of address, so make sure you’ve secured someplace in easy reach of good schools before you get your hopes up of the dream school for your children.

If your children are approaching college age then you will want to sensibly consider the prospectus of the public school they are at as some offer an International Baccalaureate (IB) programme – so you’ll want to make sure they come out with the qualifications, recognitions and certificates they need to progress to university.

Private & Independent Schools in Australia

There is a respectable choice of private schools in Australia and it is presumed that the education and services in Australia’s private schools is higher. However, most private schools in Australia are “faith based schools” or Catholic Schools – so there is a high value placed on academic excellence but also religious teaching. The extent of religious practices varies from school to school – however speaking to other expats with children at faith based schools in Australia is a good way to find out if this is the best option for your child.

Those of you who decide to send their children to private schools in Australia will need to pay tuition fees – however prices can be less than the fees required to be paid by temporary residents in certain states, so this may be a low-priced option.

International Schools in Australia

There are less international schools in Australia in comparison to other countries such as the UK or Germany, and emigrants who want to sign up their children in an international school should be conscious of the expense and extended waiting lists.

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Source: Overseas Emigration