About Beca

Our clients do incredible things every day. They are transforming their communities and changing lives through the structures they build, the products they manufacture, the services they provide, and the families they support. And we are right there alongside them. We are the problem-solvers – the thinkers, the creators, the planners and practitioners – who understand their vision and make things happen! We are 3400-plus professionals spread across 20 offices across the Asia-Pacific. But we are One Beca.

Beca are diverse enough to bring a wide range of perspectives, skills and disciplines to every client and every challenge. They are a team that understands the power of working together to bring resourceful, smart solutions from their collective experience and insights. And this holds true whether they’re working on a small library for a local community or a multi-site expansion programme for a global food and beverage giant.

While their experience has been 98 years in the making, it is the fresh talent they’re nurturing, the innovative thinking they’re developing and the connections that they’re forging that get us most excited for the future.

Want to join the Beca team?

Beca is looking for people from a wide range of background who bring a diverse skillset and a sense of adventure. If you are looking for a company that has values of Partnership, Tenacity, Enjoyment and Care, and a purpose to ‘make everyday better’, then Beca could be the right place for you.

To find out more about Beca, their purpose, people, projects and jobs, visit www.beca.com.

UK Phone: 0203 910 7037