5 reasons to check out the DUC Relocation Hub

Migrate to Australia

The DUC Relocation Hub is a site built by migrants, for migrants. It is designed to connect migrants and assist you with your relocation to Australia, as we know relocating can have many challenges!

Here are 5 reasons to check out the DUC Relocation Hub!

1. Save money on your move:

Take a look at the ‘Relocation Services’ pages on the state you are moving to and start saving money. Check out Relocation Services for Western Australia, for example. Services include shipping your belongings, moving your pets, transferring your money, private healthcare, and more.

2. Valuable Checklists

Want some checklists for your move? These checklists can help you to prepare for your flight, which documents you need to bring, things to cancel when moving, and more.

See the Ultimate Checklists here.

3. Apply for jobs in Australia

Looking for a job? Head to the ‘Jobs’ page on the state you are moving to and search away!

See job opportunities in New South Wales here.

4. Things to do and places to see

Want to know some places to go, eat, stay, the best beaches etc.? Select the state you are interested in and click on ‘things to do, places to see’.

Check out things to do in South Australia here.

5. Speak to a Relocation Agent

You can talk to a Relocation Agent who is a previous migrant that lives in the state you are moving to.

You get to choose a package and you also get the DUC Employment Hub for free, introductions to services saving you time and money, an introduction to the DUC Employment Hub to help find you work, and also, the agent will screen share a pack of information with links and notes bespoke to you. This is yours to keep and will prove extremely valuable for your move.

See our testimonials from clients.

The fact is the DUC Relocation Hub is full of everything you need and more for your move.