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Pros and Cons of Employer Sponsored visas for Australia

Pros of Employer Sponsorship: Not related to waiting for state nomination – not points based, for many passport holders English test may not be required. For non-regional based employers, can be non-restrictive in terms of working location, e.g. Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne. You change employers if you find another opportunity and they are happy to renominate […]

5 reasons to check out the DUC Relocation Hub

The DUC Relocation Hub is a site built by migrants, for migrants. It is designed to connect migrants and assist you with your relocation to Australia, as we know relocating can have many challenges! Here are 5 reasons to check out the DUC Relocation Hub! 1. Save money on your move: Take a look at […]

UK and Australia comparisons

When considering or planning a move to Australia, being able to compare day-to-day life can be very handy. What grocery stores are local and how do their prices compare? How do household bills compare? Our clients and team of experts have contributed to the DUC Relocation Hub, giving you insight on some comparisons in the […]

Everything you need to know about tax in Australia

Everything you need to know about tax in Australia People relocate to Australia for a variety of reasons. Some go simply to study or work temporarily, while others wish to move down under on a more permanent basis. If you are planning to live, work or travel in Australia, there are some important points you […]

Attract Australian employers with your Resume and Cover Letter

Attract Australian employers with your Resume and Cover Letter We know how important it is to secure a job when making the move to Australia. That’s why we have created our new Resume service, where our specialists work with you to attract employers in Australia with an outstanding Resume and Cover Letter. A great first […]

Tax File Numbers (TFN) and Australian Business Numbers (ABN)

Working in Australia If you’re starting a job in Australia for the first time, it’s important you get a Tax File Number or Australian Business Number to avoid being overtaxed, and to make sure you don’t miss out on any superannuation (pension contributions) during the course of your employment. What is a Tax File Number […]

Finding schools in Australia

What is My Choice Schools? My Choice Schools is an independent source that empowers parents, teachers and students with the information they need to finding schools in Australia that’s right for them. They use rigorous data analysis from publicly available data to generate statistics on Australian schools. Their mission is to make quality education accessible […]

Brindle Family – From the UK to Australia!

Brindle Family – Migrate to Australia from the UK What is it about Australia that made you want to move there? Edd had always spoken about his trips to Australia when he was younger and we had always planned to visit but life (kids, careers, family) all happened and plans never materialised. Then one day […]