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This week our Relocation consultant, Leigh, has got together with Peter Emerson, the director of Click On Rentals.

Click On Rentals is a furniture and appliance rental business servicing Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, and regional Victoria. They offer short and long-term rental solutions, for individual items and affordable relocation packs for those that are moving to Melbourne.

So Peter, tell me what services you offer to our clients who are migrating to Melbourne, Australia?

Hi Leigh, We offer short or long term furniture and appliance rentals, for people moving to Melbourne from overseas or interstate. Families can rent a full house lot of furniture and appliances, including linen for the beds and bathroom, and everything you need to make a kitchen function, right down to the cutlery.

There is no minimum of items that people need to rent, just a bed or a full house of furniture. We want to assist our clients to make their house a functional home until their furniture arrives. Clients can also rent furniture and appliances for a long term rental, if our clients have decided not to freight their own furniture to Melbourne. Maybe a 6 or 12 month term or longer.

You have a wonderful family run business, how long have you been providing this service?

Thanks Leigh, we try really hard to give high quality and friendly service, with a smooth process too. We started Click On Rentals in 2014, but I have worked in the appliance & furniture rental business since 1988. So I hope I know what I’m doing by now. 😊

What variety of furniture and appliances do you offer?

We can rent you furniture for every room in the house, including outdoor furniture. Our range includes;

  • Beds
  • Bedside table & bedheads
  • Tallboys (chest of drawers)
  • Dining settings
  • Lounge suites
  • Coffee tables
  • TV cabinets
  • Lamp tables
  • TVs
  • Outdoor Dining Settings
  • Outdoor Lounges and chair sets
  • Fridges
  • Microwave ovens
  • Washing Machines and Clothes Dryers.

Plus as I mentioned the kitchen, linen & laundry packs. Also all of our mattresses are supplied with freshly washed zip up mattress protectors as part of our hygiene policy. The mattress protectors keep our mattresses spotlessly clean which is great for both our customers & us to know the bed we’re renting are all nice & clean.

Can you get everything set up in a house before a client lands in Australia, how would that work?

Yes, we often do this which is a great advantage to families arriving in Melbourne. It allows them to move straight into their new home without having to worry about short term accommodation which can be expensive. Obviously with the current COVID 19 conditions, all international arrivals are needing to quarantine for 2 weeks. Whilst this is happening, we can install the goods into their new property ready for their arrival.

We will need to arrange to meet someone at their home to let us in and to sign for the delivery. Or this can be booked for the day the family are due to move in. We can be a speedboat Leigh acting quickly and changing details on the spot if we need to meet our clients’ needs. That’s what we’re here for, helping our clients settle into their homes and new communities as smoothly as possible.

With your relocation packages, can these packages be tailored?

They certainly can. Whatever our clients want, we’re more than happy to supply, no matter how small the rental. We have no minimum quantities, plus if they choose one of our pre-prepared packs off our website, we’re happy to change these. We’re here to serve Leigh. We understand it’s a massive process and effort to move to Melbourne from the UK, (it’s bad enough moving to another suburb), so we want our part of their move to be as smooth as possible.

Is there any advice you would give to people when looking at furniture hire, anything they wouldn’t think of?

The only things that can help us Leigh is if our new clients are able to pass on information regarding the new property, as in is it single or 2 storey, as some bed bases we rent can’t get up stair cases, but we can bring split bases instead, plus the size of the cavity in the kitchen for the fridge is helpful for us to know, so we are sure the fridge we’re bringing will fit, and then if there is a preference for colour or fabric for the lounge suites.

Also pass on to DUC clients to feel free to ask us as many questions as they want. Also so they know, our process for delivering the goods, we will let them know the day before delivery the actual time we’ll arrive, plus our drivers call them on the way to their home to give them the exact time they will be arriving. Our drivers who are all staff members (not contractors), fully install all furniture and appliances for our clients.

Tell us why you love Melbourne, which are the best suburbs for families?

How long have you got Leigh? I am born and bred in Melbourne and now live just out of Melbourne in the regional city of Ballarat, 100kms West of Melbourne.

Melbourne has some great bayside suburbs of Brighton, Beaumaris, Edithvale & Mordialloc, just to name a few, and then we have great inner-city suburbs which are surrounded by fantastic High streets full of a myriad of eating & food venues.

Melbourne is the Australian capital for sport and is the home of the mighty MCG which hosts cricket in the summer and our brilliant sport of Aussie Rules Football in the Winter, and we also have Rod Laver Arena which hosts the Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam event. This venue is used year round for concerts as well. Then within 1-hour of Melbourne we have some of the best beaches, and wineries in the world, plus so much more to see. Are you sold on Melbourne now Leigh? 😊 I hoped that helped a bit, although I am biased to Melbourne.

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