Migrate to Australia as a Carpenter – Carlton Family

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Migrate to Australia as a Carpenter – Carlton Family

If you’re a Carpenter looking to migrate to Australia, this blog may help you feel at ease as the Carlton family tell us about their journey. They share their insights from completing the Carpenter Skills Assessment Australia to settling in Melbourne!

1. What made you decide to migrate to Australia?

After our honeymoon in 2007, we decided on moving to New Zealand first. But, then my brother moved from New Zealand to Canada, so we looked at migrating to Australia and decided to move here, based on the weather, wages and quality of life in Australia.

2. How did you find out about the Down Under Centre?

We went to a Down Under Centre Seminar in Liverpool, May 2018 so that we could learn more about how to migrate to Australia.

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3. How did you find the Skills Assessment process as a Carpenter?

I found the Carpenter skills assessment process straightforward. Louise looked at what documentation was required and I kept showing up at jobs to take photos of myself doing carpentry work. The Technical Interview with the Carpentry assessor was very simple.

4. What did you do after obtaining your Carpentry Skills Assessment?


The Down Under Centre can assist you with your Skills Assessment and Visa application for Australia. Learn about our services and fees for Skilled Visas.

5. How have your children settled in Australia?

Carlton family in Australia

Ellen settled very well and made friends no problem. Jacob made friends too, but struggled to settle initially, as he was missing family back home. Both now seem to love life in Australia.

6. Have you made friends easily in Australia?

Yes, no problems at all.

7. So far, has Australia ticked your boxes?

Australia has been everything we expected and much much more…

8. What do you miss most about the UK?

Family, every day, it’s horrible. But knowing we are in a better place helps.

9. How did the DUC Employment & Relocation Hub help you?

It got me a Carpentry job offer with a company here in Australia.

10. You made the move during Covid, how did you find the flights and quarantine stay?

Flights were great, very quiet with only 16 people on our final flight into Sydney. Quarantine was an amazing opportunity to reconnect with the kids and relax. However, the food was guffing!

11. Do you miss any British food?

Yes, we miss Greggs, ham stock cubes, proper bacon, mushy peas and pork sausages instead of beef!

12. What are the plans for future OZ holidays? Any destination you really want to see?

I want to see the Great Barrier Reef and Queensland. Louise wants to see Tasmania and the kids want to see quokkas.

13. One thing you know now that you wished you had known before you made the move.

Carlton family schools

That free schooling in Australia isn’t free. You pay for all books and stationary, iPads and school uniforms have to be the official ones.

14. How has Louise found working as a Nurse in Australia compared to the UK?

She absolutely loves working as a Nurse here in Australia. It’s more relaxed, better quality of care, more chances of promotion. Much better environment all together.

15. What made you choose Melbourne over any state?

I love watching sports! Melbourne has F1, MotoGP, AFL, cricket, tennis, rugby and football. Melbourne offers beautiful drives and scenery. There is an amazing café culture and coffee. And we didn’t want constant heat, so the fact that it’s seasonal is a big bonus for us.

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