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10 Top Things To Consider When Planning Your Move To Australia

Our Relocation Consultant, Leigh Chadwick, has put together the top 10 things to consider as you are planning your move to Australia. Leigh and her family migrated to Australia from the UK, so they have first-hand experience in the relocation process.

1. Are you eligible for a visa?

To be eligible for a skilled visa in Australia you must;

  1. 1. Have an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List;
  2. 2. Have the right qualifications;
  3. 3. Have the right work experience; and
  4. 4. Generate a minimum of 65 points.

Your occupation and points score will determine which subclasses you are eligible for (189, 190 or 491) to move to Australia.

The Down Under Centre (DUC) assist with the Skills Assessment for most occupations on the Skilled Occupation List for Australia.

Complete our free visa points calculator and/or send your CV to to check your eligibility for an Australian skilled visa. Our team will be in touch to arrange a consultation to discuss your options.

2. Skills Assessment for Australia

A Skills Assessment is required to apply for a skilled visa for Australia. The DUC work directly with TRA Approved RTOs for UK, Irish, European and South African passport holders. Find your occupation below and learn how the skills assessment process works and how much the skills assessment costs.

3. Have a pet you would like to bring with you to Australia?

We understand your pet is a part of the family and want to include in your migration journey. That’s why we have partnered with Pets Abroad. Andre Cirone and his team provide personalised and professional pet relocation services, sending pets to Australia. Their team of vets and veterinary nurses will ensure your pet is well prepared for their journey down under and meet the import requirements set out by the Australian and New Zealand governments. 

Contact Pets Abroad UK today and quote ‘Down Under Centre’!

4. Furniture Removals to Australia

When you are planning to move to Australia, it is vitally important that you receive the right information and support, no matter how big or small your move is. PSS International Removals are specialists in shipping removals and excess baggage to and from Australia and that’s why they are known as the UK’s 1st choice for international removals.

Wherever you live in the UK, you will find that PSS can offer you a competitive quotation. They can offer a free home survey for clients who may have larger consignments and extremely competitive rates for clients who may only want to send a few boxes.

Visit and quote ‘Down Under Centre’ or contact the DUC team for a personal introduction.

5. Money Transfers to Australia

The best time to transfer money is different for everyone and there are a number of factors to consider. Making informed decisions as to when to transfer funds is important as even a couple of digits between an exchange rate can make a significant difference to the amount of currency a client might receive. While it can be difficult to determine the right time, the team of experienced dealers at Global Reach Group are on hand to guide clients through the transfer process, discuss their needs and timescales, and help them choose the right time for them to make their transfer.

Get a Quote to transfer your money to Australia

6. Healthcare

If you’re going to live, work, study or visit Australia the last thing you want to worry about is what happens if you get sick or have an accident. And as an international visitor, you may not be eligible for cover with Medicare, Australia’s public healthcare system. Bupa Australia can take that worry away as they offer a range of health insurance products specifically designed for people going to Australia.

On some overseas visitor visas, it is a requirement that you have an adequate level of private health insurance prior to arrival before a visa will be granted. Bupa Australia has a level of cover to suit your needs, and you can join online before you arrive, so you’re covered when you get here.

Visit or contact Alex Rice at and quote’ Down Under Centre’.

7. Jobs in Australia

Securing a job in Australia can be stressful and an important part of your decision when planning to move to the other side of the world.

The DUC Employment & Relocation Hub gets you noticed by connecting you to potential employers who are looking to attract applicants like yourself… skilled ‘job-ready’ migrants making their way to a new life down under. As you take each step in your migration journey, you can allow prospective employers to track your progress via your DUC Employment & Relocation Hub personal profile page, be alerted as job opportunities arise and get access to a wealth of valuable advice, information and allied services to help you on your way. 

If you have not yet signed up to the DUC Employment & Relocation Hub, sign up here for a one-off fee of £40

8. Banking in Australia

We all know there’s a lot to look forward to when moving to Australia; surfing at a sunny beach, enjoying fresh seafood or commuting on a ferry over bright blue waters, every day. We want to make sure you have the confidence to move smoothly and easily, knowing there’s a financial partner on your side. That’s why we’re partnered with Commonwealth Bank of Australia. They’re known to Aussies as Comm Bank.  You can set up an online account three months prior to your arrival in Australia. Explore Bank Accounts with Commonwealth Bank.

9. Flights to Australia

After getting your visa grant, your next hurdle is booking your flights to your final destination in Australia. Jennie from British Travel can secure you seats at economy prices. British Travel are a member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) and have (ATAS) accreditation for your peace of mind. 

Contact Jennie at and quote ‘Down Under Centre’.

10. Accommodation in Australia

With Western Australia experiencing its worst rental shortage since 2007, our partner Claymore Thistle can assist you in securing a property anywhere in any state before you even touch down in Australia, taking out the hassle of trying to search for a home and attend many open houses. They can also assist with:

  • House purchase
  • Home rentals 
  • School searches
  • City orientation 
  • Airport pick up
  • Furniture hire & installation 
  • Grocery shop

Contact Leona at and quote ‘Down Under Centre’.

For any assistance with visas or skills assessment contact the team on +44 (0)20 3376 1555 / or alternatively, get in touch with Leigh Chadwick, who is based in Australia at for any assistance with relocation and jobs.

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