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Founder of the DUC, Wes Zandt, connects with Graeme from BGC Housing group to discuss Tradies being in demand in Australia.

About BGC

BGC is one of Australia’s largest private, family-owned companies. They have operated since the 1960’s, beginning in the property development sector. Their operations and services have diversified over the years to include:

  • Manufacturing and construction
  • Provision of building products and services
  • Home building and residential property services
  • Property management
  • Transport and haulage service

Their workforce of over 2,000 employees strive to deliver in our purpose to Build the Future for more Australians. BGC are primarily based in Western Australia. They also have locations in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and New Zealand.

Check out our YouTube video where Wes Zandt and Graeme discuss the demand for tradies in Western Australia.

BGC Home Group

As Western Australia’s largest builder, every year BGC Housing Group delivers on quality and sustainable home for thousands of families.

BGC Housing Group is home to eight of the biggest building brands in WA. These include Home Start, Now Living, Aussie Living Homes, Go Homes, Commodore Homes, Ventura Southwest, Terrace Homes and Smart Homes for Living, and three support services that cover conveyancing, real estate, and home loans.

Employing more than 2000 people in the state, BGC has over $50 million invested in 70 active and planned display homes around WA. Every BGC home has a lifetime structural warranty and a minimum NatHERS 6-Star energy rating.

What trades are BGC Housing Group looking for?

Currently, BGC are actively looking for bricklayers, concreters, carpenters, plasterers, and tilers. Other positions are also available, as they have lots of projects going. Additionally, they have an apprenticeship program to support trades as now more than ever, it is vital that we invest in growing our trade labour base.

Need your Skills Assessment for Australia? We can assist with your application. See the trades we can assist with in the list below and get in touch!

Lifestyle for trades people in WA

Working in WA offers one of the best lifestyles in the world with plenty of sunshine, great beaches, and a laid-back culture.

Perth is regularly ranked in the top 10 most liveable, friendly, and attractive cities in the world, and there is something to do for every lifestyle. Western Australia promotes a healthy work life balance across the whole state. So, if you like the outdoors you’re coming to the right place.

As Western Australia is such a large state our weather is diverse. North is HOT and Humid and south is cold in the winter and mild summers.
Perth would be classed as more Mediterranean weather where the humidity is minimal, and you get cold mornings and warm days.

Around the capital city (Perth our summers start on the 1st of December where it is usually quite mild (25 degrees with afternoon with sea breezes) in the peak of summer which is around February we do get hot days in the mid to high 30’s it can reach 40 degrees. However, tradies in Perth adjust accordingly in the heat they start early and finish there day as the main part of the heat is hitting around 1 to 2 in the afternoon.

Pay rates for Tradies in Australia with BGC

Sub-contractors pay at BGC depends on the size of the business, but a small subcontractor in a normal year would earn around $120k (Aus. per year), large contractors would earn over ($160K Aus. Per year). BGC would be classed as mid-range payer.

How you can BGC help with buying from plans

Being the largest builder in WA, BGC have several areas that can help, from many housing brands made to suit different types of aesthetic taste and budget, right through to their finance and settlements teams.

The demand for Trades in WA

Builders and construction trades are busier than they have been in years, thanks to state and federal government incentives which have sparked a dramatic increase in demand for new homes in recent months.

There is a lot of work in the pipeline with their current book stretched out to 3 to 4 years of work to be done and plenty of trades needed for now and the future. New home builds in WA hasn’t been seen at this level since the infrastructure peak of the 2015 boom.

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