Why is a Fitter skills assessment required?

A skills assessment is required so you, the migrant, can apply for a visa to Australia. This is the way Australian Immigration can gauge if you are in fact a Fitter under the Australian guidelines. Many people want to move to Australia as a Fitter and without a skills assessment delivered by an approved assessing […]


Is a qualification required to start the Fitter skills assessment for Australian Migration?

It is not mandatory to have a qualification for the Fitter skills assessment for Australian migration. You are required to either hold your completed apprenticeship papers as a Fitter. Please note these qualifications could fall under many engineering qualifications (mechanical engineering for example) and 3 years of paid work experience pre or post qualification. So, […]


How the Australian Fitter (General) skills assessment works

The Australian Fitter skills assessment has 2 mandatory stages that need to be complete. You need to prove to the assessor you have the necessary skills as a Fitter. The first stage is paper based, proving you are a Fitter through payslips, detailed CV, references, videos, photos, qualifications.   The second stage is a technical […]