How does the Glazier AQF III for migrating to Australia work?

If you want to move to Australia as a Glazier on a skilled (points based) visa you are required to complete the Glazier skills assessment. But, if you do not hold an NVQ Level 3 as a Glazier, then you must first complete the Glazier AQF III, so you can then move on to obtain your Australian skills assessment.

For the Glass and Glazing AQF III, you prove your skills as a Glazier through detailed statements from employers detailing your Glass and Glazing duties, pay and tax details for when you were working as a Glazier, detailed CV showing all training and work experience, photos of your skills, videos displaying your expertise and your qualifications.

The second stage is a technical interview with an Australian qualified Glazier who is also a qualified trainer and assessor; this is a relaxed chat over Skype or Zoom where the assessor will want to discuss your application and ask about your work as a Glazier.