How does the Plumbing skills assessment for migrating to Australia work?

If you are planning to move to Australia as a Plumber on a skilled (points based) visa, you are required to complete the Australian Plumbing skills assessment.

The skill assessing body for Plumbers is TRA (Trades Recognition Australia). TRA have selected RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) that deliver the Plumbing skills assessment for migration to Australia.

The Plumbing skills assessment is a 3-step process.

Plumbing skills assessment Stage 1

The first stage is paper based, proving your skills as a Plumber through detailed statements from employers detailing your Plumbing duties, tax and pay details for when you were working as a Plumber, Plumbing apprenticeship documents, qualifications and certificates (such as Gas Safe Registration) and detailed CV showing all training and work experience as a Plumber.

Plumbing skills assessment Stage 2

2. The second stage is a technical interview with an Australian qualified Plumber who is also a qualified trainer and assessor; this is a relaxed chat over Skype or Zoom where you have a one-to-one with our Australian Plumbing Assessor.  This chat will last for a couple of hours and a suitable time will be arranged due to the time difference. Please note you can do this technical interview from your house at present; ATTC will provide an invigilator for the purpose of compliance.

Plumbing skills assessment Stage 3

The third stage is the Plumbing practical assessment, this is the last stage of your Plumbing skills assessment. This assessment will take place from the Down Under Centre where we deliver the practical assessments every month and assess Plumbers for the purpose of migration. You will be assessed on your plumbing hand-tool skills; you are not assessed against the Australian Plumbing regulations. You’ll also have a drawing to work from with measurements to follow and are required to complete a first fix using copper fittings and pipe work, pressure test your work, use benders and plumbing hand tools and complete some drainage work. All materials will be supplied and you will be given a list of tools to bring on the day of your assessment.

Upon successful completion of the Plumbing skills assessment you will be issued with your TRA skills assessment certificate and your OTSR (Offshore Technical Skills Record) which is required to gain your Australian plumbing registration which you need to find work in Australia as a Plumber.