Boilermaker Skills Assessment Australia

The Boilermaker Skills Assessment is a mandatory requirement for migration to Australia. We can deliver the Skills Assessment for Boilermakers. On completion of the Boilermakers Skills Assessment you will be issued with your Australian Certificate III in Boilermaking. This will be invaluable for employment once you arrive in Australia.

If you would like to see if you are eligible for a Skilled Visa, use our free visa points calculator and/or send your CV to and our Migration Consultants will be happy to advise on your options.

Process for Boilermaker Skills Assessment

1. Self-Assessment Questionnaire

You will need to complete a Self-Assessment Questionnaire and provide the enrolment documents required to enrol you to the RTO. A Self-Assessment Questionnaire is a form you complete to make sure you meet the Australian standards. You can email us at for the Boilermaking Self-Assessment Questionnaire or call us on 0203 376 1555. This is a free service.

Down Under Centre Agency Service

The Down Under Centre can provide you with an agency service to assist you with the gathering of your documentation for your Australian qualification, as it is considered to be the most difficult stage of your visa application. It pays to make sure you gather the year’s evidence required for your visa application.

2. Documentary Assessment

This is where you will need to provide as much information and documentary evidence as you can of your previous work experience as a Boilermaker.

  • If you hold trade related qualifications, you’ll be asked to prove you have a minimum of 3 years’ work experience.

  • If you don’t have trade related qualifications, you’ll be asked to prove you have a minimum of 5 years’ work experience.

You also need to prove that you have worked as a Boilermaker for a minimum of 12 months out of the last 36 months.

There will be a list of mandatory documentation that you must provide and a list of useful documentation that you could include in your application. You will also need to supply contact details of one or two work referees who can confirm your skills in the industry.

3. Technical Interview

An assessor will review the information and evidence you have provided and begin to match your skills to the units/subjects in the qualification.

A Technical interview with the assessor will be arranged to discuss and identify your previous experience. You will be required to answer industry related questions to confirm and identify your current skills.

The Technical interviews will be held at the Down Under Centre’s London office, 48 Haven Green, Ealing W5 2NX.


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Boilermakers in Australia generally mark off and fabricate metal, steel and other metal stock to make or repair metal products such as boilers or pressure vessels.


The average pay for Boilermakers in Australia is AU$28.05 per hour. The DUC Employment Hub is a tool that connects migrants to employers in Australia as well as providing you with a relocation hub to make your journey to Australia smoother.