Date 09.06.2017 On April 21 2017, Kyuss Smith, a Bricklayer Apprentice in New South Wales saved another tradies life performing CPR when saw his colleague had collapsed and started fitting. Kyuss explains was ‘fitting and frothing at the mouth and his eyes rolling back in his head’. Several other people also noticed but no one knew what to do, so Kyuss stepped up to do what he had recalled from the US Police television series.

Kyuss remained calm and focused on what he was doing while another guy ran to call the paramedics. When the man started fitting again, Kyuss knew his patient was alive. “He started coming back and the paramedics arrived and gave him oxygen,” he said. “I was pretty happy – I’d never taken a class.”

Gary, who is President of the Western Region MCA, earlier told the Central Western Daily “Kyuss should be confident that he can do anything now. He’s proven himself. It’s because of his self-belief, that he acted so quickly and it’s a life-defining moment for him.

Apparently Kyuss has had a lot of praise and attention with people stopping him in the street and shaking his hand and as a gesture of thanks, the newspaper is paying for him to do a CPR course.

First Aid Course

First aid training is an excellent skill to have under your belt, whether you’re an apprentice bricklayer or not. We deliver the First Aid Course here at the Down Under Centre. Find out more on our dedicated First Aid Course Page.