Date 22.11.2016 If you’re considering moving to Australia and you’re a skilled worker, then you’ll be pleased to know that construction job opportunities await you on the sunny shores of Australia!

The best way to find out whether your skilled profession is needed down under is by checking the Skilled Occupation List. The SOL is updated on an annual basis, and jobs are either added or removed from the list, depending on the current labour force needs of the country.

Construction Jobs On The Skilled Occupation List

Should your job skills fall under the titles of Construction Project Manager or Project Builder, you could be in luck when applying to emigrate to Australia through a skilled migration path. Also, currently listed on the SOL in the construction industry are the roles of Bricklayer, Carpenter, Fitter, Plumber, Fibrous Plasterer and Solid Plasterer to name just a couple of the roles that Australia need to fill!

Applying For A Skilled Nominated Visa

If you are eligible to apply for one of these roles, then you will want to apply for a Skilled Nominated Visa by nominating one of the occupations that apply to your occupation and skillset. To do so, you will need to apply through SkillSelect with an “Expression Of Interest”.

For nearly all skilled job applications it is mandatory to obtain the Trades Skills Assessment under your specific Trade. This transfers your UK qualifications to an Australian equivalent and you will need to provide work evidence and documents to prove your skills. Skills Assessments must be delivered by an Registered Training Organisation (RTO). (Click here to find out what Skills Assessments we provide).

Top Tip for Finding Construction Jobs In Australia

If you’re emigrating from overseas to Australia, then be sure to check jobs boards ahead of making your move. This way you could potentially line up work before you even step off the plane! The Down Under Centre are not a Recruitment company, but you can find jobs available from a range of recruiters at

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