Date 06.04.2016 As one of the professions on the Skilled Occupations List, electricians are highly sought after in Australia. If you’re thinking about moving to Australia to pursue a career as an electrician, but don’t know where to start, why not visit our Moving Down Under event on 16th April 2016 for advice and information regarding employment, finances and healthcare. Here are just some of the things you can expect from the event.

Find A Job

Visit the Moving Down Under event to speak to consultants from Hays Recruitment, one of the world’s largest recruitment agencies. Speak to an expert about finding and securing a job as an electrician down under, so you have everything in place to get a job before you even leave the UK.

Get An Australian Trade Skills Assessment

In order to get a job as an electrician in Australia you must have a skills assessment before you leave, which converts your UK skills into the Australian equivalent. Visit the Moving Down Under event for a free consultation from Future Skills International reps from the Down Under Centre , who can help those looking to move either temporarily or permanently. Or call the Down Under Centre today and speak about the process for getting your electrician skills assessment on 0203 376 1555

Find Out About Australian Visas

As a profession listed on the Skilled Occupations List, electricians are entitled to apply for a skilled migration visa. If you’re not sure where to start, visit the Moving Down Under event to speak to consultants from Immigration2oz, who are providing FREE visa consultations on the day.

Thinking About Moving To Australia?

If you want some more advice or information on making the move to Oz, why not visit our dedicated migration event, Moving Down Under, on the 16th April 2016. The Australian migration event will be targeting professionals from the Australian skilled occupation list, including those in Nursing and Healthcare, Construction, Trades, Engineers, Accountants, Recruitment, Digital Marketing and other sectors.

For more advice on every aspect of making the move to Australia, from securing healthcare to finding out about the lifestyle, book your tickets for the Moving Down Under event now.

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