Date 18.03.2016 The Labour force figuresthat were just released shows a fall in the unemployment rate by 0.2%, further reflecting a strong growth in the Australian economy.

Overall employment has increased by 300 in February 2016 and risen by 239,400 over the year. These results are abover the long-term average of 1.8%

Full-time employment had risen greatly, by 15,900 whilst part-time employment fell by 15,600

Encouragingly, both female employment and youth employment has risen in February 2016. Female employment has risen by 14,800 and Youth unemployment rate had fallen to 12.2% from 12.6%. Youth unemployment rate in February 2015 was 13.9% which again, reflecting a strong Australian economy.

The Minister of Employment states below;

The Minister for Employment, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash said that the re-balancing of growth away from the resources sector and towards the labour intensive services sector was set to continue, highlighting the success of the Government’s economic credentials and its commitment to creating more jobs for all Australians.

“Despite international headwinds including slower growth in China and lower commodity prices, we are seeing the resilience of the economy in today’s jobs data,” Minister Cash said.

“While ABS labour force figures can be volatile and jump around from month to month, today’s data continue to reflect a steadily improving labour market and highlight the need to continue with the Coalition’s plan to strengthen the economy and stimulate further jobs growth.”

“Since the Government came to office in September 2013, employment has risen by an impressive 416,300.”

“Nonetheless, the Government remains acutely aware that there are 732,600 Australians who remain unemployed, without the security and dignity of work, and that significant economic challenges lie ahead.”

“This is why the Government remains committed to getting the underlying economic fundamentals right that will be supportive of stronger jobs growth, so that all Australians can take advantage of the emerging job opportunities of tomorrow.

Source: http://ministers.employment.gov.au/cash/labour-force-figures-february​