Date 04.11.2016 Sun, sun, sun! As well as the tropical weather, Australia invites you to explore their island with their majestic attractions such as the Sydney opera house, Sydney harbour bridge and the Uluru/Ayers rock.Australia has many intriguing places to visit and explore their landscape and wildlife, for example the great barrier reef, home to many sea-life such as tropical fish and turtles which you can swim with. There are many national parks for you to explore and see breath-taking views; the blue mountain national park, Kakadu national park, and Daintree national park are available to you. BeachesSun sand and sea, hit the beach and throw a shrimp on the Barbie (barbeque)! Every day in Australia is a beautiful sunny day that’s best not wasted. Australia offers many beaches; the Bondi beach (Sydney), Madalay beach (Western Australia) and wineglass bay (Tasmania) offer spectacular view and warm waters to swim and surf in. Whites beach is an interesting place to visit, the place where the rainforest meets the sea. DiscoverAs well as the exciting tourist attractions, sneak away to enjoy the local’s secret places in Australia. The Wattamolla royal national park is complete with a beach and waterfall for a day trip away from Sydney.Porcupine gorge (Queensland) is a featureless portion of the outback but it is known as the little Grand Canyon to those who know of it. At the bottom of the 120-metre cliff is a river which has been carving itself out for 500 million years.Come visit the kangaroo island and discover the native wildlife including seals, platypus, koalas and kangaroos, discover empty beaches and swim, surf, snorkel in the warm waters of the bay.Visit Melbourne and visit every coffee shop you pass! You are bound to love every sip.