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New Zealand promotes a culture that is based on strong family ties and, as such, lays emphasis on the importance of keeping families together. We understand that attracting and retaining talent requires that skilled immigrants find a home in New Zealand. Hence, the family members of New Zealand temporary and permanent visa may be are eligible for visas to join their partner, parents or child in New Zealand.


The partners of New Zealand work visa or student visa holders or New Zealand residents/citizens, are eligible to apply for partnership-based visa.

You may be eligible for a temporary or permanent partner-based visa depending on the type of visa your partner holds and the length of your relationship. We will discuss the details in a moment, but first please note the list of partner-based visas below:

  • Visitor visa for partners of work visa holders
  • Work visa for the partners of work visa holders
  • Visitor visa for the partner of student visa holders
  • Work visa for the partner of student visa holders
  • Visitor visa for partner of a New Zealand resident/citizen
  • Work visa for partner of a New Zealand resident/citizen
  • Residence visa for partner of a New Zealand resident/citizen

Types of Visas….

Partners of student visa holders may be eligible for a visa for the same duration as the student visa holder depending on the studies undertaken in New Zealand (duration and level).

Partners of work visa holders may be eligible for a visa of the same duration as the work visa holder.

Partners of a New Zealand resident/citizens who are able to demonstrate that they have lived together in a genuine and stable relationship may be eligible for New Zealand resident visa and/or a partnership-based temporary work visa.

In the Off Chance…

…that you do not meet the strict partnership requirements, but immigration acknowledges the relationship to be genuine, you may be granted a general visitor visa to live with your partner in New Zealand, establish the relationship, and further demonstrate that you meet partnership instructions.


  • Visas for Parents of New Zealand Resident Visa Holders/Citizens

If you are the parent or grandparent of a New Zealand resident or citizen and wish to reunite with your family, Immigration New Zealand have visa options to facilitate this. Your visa category would depend on your circumstances, your child’s (or grandchild’s) circumstances, and your intended length of your stay.

  • Visitor Visa Under Parent and Grandparent Category

If you and your partner intend to visit your NZ resident child, temporarily but recurringly, this temporary visitor visa is a fantastic, hassle-free option for you. You will need to be sponsored by your New Zealand resident/citizen child and this will allow you multiple entries into New Zealand over a period of 36 months. You will be able to stay in New Zealand for 6 months on each entry, subject to the condition that your stay does not exceed 18 months over the 3 years period.

  • Residence Visa Under Parent Category

This would be a suitable option for you, if you wish to permanently reside with your child in New Zealand and your sponsoring child meets the income requirement for the category.

  • Residence Visa Under Parents Retirement Category

This is a unique residence visa category for parents of New Zealand resident/citizens, which grant your partner and you the rights to study, work and live in New Zealand, indefinitely, subject being sponsored by a NZ child, and also subject to investment and a guaranteed income from the principal applicant.

On the culmination of the 4 years’ time period, you will become eligible for the residence visa.

Guardian Visa for Parents of New Zealand Student Visa Holders

If your child holds a New Zealand Student Visa to study in year 1-13 and you meet the maintenance funds requirements, you are likely to be eligible for a Guardian Visa, which will allow you to live with and care for your child in New Zealand. This visa does not allow work rights and can only be granted to one parent at a time, irrespective of the number of children studying in New Zealand. Please note, work rights to work part time, while the child is at school, may be granted via a Variation of Conditions.

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