Fortuna FX

Fortuna FX

We are proud to be partnered with Fortuna FX as a key partner of International Payments to Australia.

Fortuna FX is an Independent FX Brokerage who simply want to make sure you get the most from your Currency payments to Australia. They offer competitive currency exchange rates across the whole Market, absorb all transaction costs so you save money and make those cross border payments really simple, with their transparent, customer focused service.

Do you find overseas payments expensive, confusing and time consuming? Work with Fortuna FX and say goodbye to hidden fees, time delays and high pricing structures!

Their experts will help you understand how to optimise your profit with the various products they can offer, without bamboozling you, you have enough to do with your move to Australia, and Fortuna FX want you to have every penny possible to start your new exciting adventures. Work with a dedicated Fortuna Account Manager to make the process smooth, simple and cost effective. Sign up for free.

Fortuna FX work with people who have Currency exposure within both the Private or Corporate sector:-

  • Private Individuals buying/selling property abroad
  • Importing/Exporting
  • Individuals/Companies moving to and from the UK

Contact the DUC Relocation Team for an introduction to Fortuna FX:

DUC Team
Phone: 0203 376 1555

Perth, Western Australia:
Leigh Chadwick
Phone: +61 452 431 892