Date 24.05.2017

Changes to the General Skilled Migration Program

As of July 1st 2017, there will be a nuber of changes to the General Skilled Migration Program. These are:

The maximum aged for the Skilled Intdependent Subclass 189 Visa will be reduced from 49 to 44. This will not affect the Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa, the Skilled Regional Provisional Subclass 489 visa or the new NZ Citizen stream of Subclass 189.

Fortunately, only 1% of applicants are in the age range between 44-49.

Skilled occupations may be reviewed. Because there are a number of occupations listed on the MLTSSL and not the STSOL, it is expected for the Occupations list to be revised on the 1st July 2017.

State migration plans will reopen. Most states will restart their state migration plans from July. Applicants should make sure to be ready to lodge for state nomination as soon as they repoen to prevent disappointment as many occupations will fill very quickly.

A new permanent residence pathway will be introduced for New Zealand citizens. This applies to New Zealand citizens who have lived and worked in Australia for at least 5 years. The pathway will be implemented as a stream within the Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa. The NZ citizen stream will be significantly easier to qualify for than the traditional 189 subclass

Occupational Ceilings to be released. Occupational Ceilings give a maximum number of EOI invitations that can be issued to Skilled Independent Subclass 189 and Skilled Regional Provisional (Family Sponsored) Subclass 489 applicants. If occupational ceilings stay the same or are reduced, it means that it will become more competitive.

As it may be more competitive and difficult for the Skilled Independent Program, this will make other options such as state nominated or employer sponsored visas more important.

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