Go Walkabout

Go Walkabout are specialists in One Way and Working Holiday Travel Insurance.

Established in 1999 with the desire to provide high quality insurance cover at affordable premiums, it is our objective to give our customers the peace of mind that their travel needs have been met.

One Way Travel Insurance Australia

Unfortunately, the majority of standard travel insurance policies can’t cover you travelling home or emigrating from the UK on your one way trip.

Go Walkabout are the pioneers of one way travel insurance and have been covering one way travel since 2000.

Cover for one way travel is available under either the Emigration Silver or Emigration Gold policy.

Both policies are designed to offer travellers comprehensive and essential cover for both one-way journey and for a period of time whilst they settle into their new home, and make more permanent insurance arrangements. Unlike some Emigration policies, our benefits extend beyond arrival or check-in, for a chosen period of time. Our insurance provides a useful ‘breathing space’ whilst you settle in to your new home. It can also cover you if you are going to be doing some travelling before you arrive at your final destination.

One Way Emigration Summary

  • Minimum of £5 million Emergency medical cover.
  • Cover for up to 31 days after arrival at destination country.
  • Unforeseen Cancellation of trip covered up to £3,000.
  • Personal possessions covered up to £1,500.

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Working Holiday Travel Insurance Australia

Our specialist Working Holiday policy will cover your work and travel plans if you plan to undertake paid or voluntary work for all or part of your time away from the UK. Allowing you peace of mind that your medical costs (and potential repatriation back to the UK) would be covered if you suffer an injury at work or in your leisure time, alongside all of the other benefits of comprehensive travel insurance cover.

Working Holiday Summary

  • Covers you to do a wide range of jobs whilst away – make sure that you choose the right Work Pack for your plans. We offer 4 work pack levels.
  • Can cover you to be away from the UK for up to 2 years.
  • Allows unlimited amounts of return trips back to the UK and on each occasion the client returns there is no longer the 21 days return limited duration.
  • Has the comprehensive benefits of a standard travel insurance policy, whilst also covering you to work.

Work Pack Levels

  • Pack 1 (included in your quote as standard) – TEFL Teacher, Farm Labourer with no use of machinery or contact with livestock, Au Pair, Fruit picking without using machinery, Working at an Animal Sanctuary with Domestic or Farm Animals.
  • Pack 2 – Farm labourer with the use of a tractor, machinery or contact with livestock, Sports Coach, Veterinarian or Veterinary Nurse working with Domestic or Farm Animals, Dancer, Working at an Elephant Sanctuary.
  • Pack 3 – Car Mechanic, Horse Riding Instructor, Pool Lifeguard, Nurse.
  • Pack 4 – Veterinarian or Veterinary Nurse working with Wild Animals, Electrician, Plumber, Working in an Animal Sanctuary with Wild Animals.

If you wish to get a Working Holiday quote, click here. Get a 10% discount with the code DUC10 when you quote and buy with Go Walkabout

Pet Migration Insurance Australia

Go Walkabout’s pet migration insurance policy aims to give you peace of mind when moving abroad with your pet (Cats and Dogs only). It provides comprehensive cover during the period of transit plus 36 hours after arrival in the destination country

Cover of up to £2,500 for veterinary fees or other unforeseen expenditure during your pet’s transit as well as up to £2,000 cover against theft of the pet; up to £1,000 in the event of the animal’s death due to natural causes and up to £1m personal liability cover.
They can only provide cover to UK residents using a pet shipping agent to transport their pet away from the UK.

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