Date 15.02.2018

World Oceans Day

Atleast 70% of the planet’s surface is covered by our ocean’s and still 95% of the sea has remained untouched. We’ve still got some time until World Oceans Day (8th June) but here’s how you can celebrate when you reach Queensland, Australia.

Admire from Above: You can view the ocean from above in the Whitsundays with a few Air Whitsunday Seaplanes. This includes soaring over the Great Barrier Reef and paying a visit to the famous Heart Reef. Make sure you take your swimming costume along – an offer like this, you’ll find hard to resist! Be Near It – Why not have a nice and simple beach picnic this World Oceans Day? Get your mates together, throw in your favourite food and head to your local beach! Be on It – You could spend the day exploring the Whitsunday Islands; why not take to the ocean on a kayak? You can also hire your own ship and turn the day into a celebration worth a week in the Whitsundays.Sail all over and around the amazing waters and explore the beautiful beaches Australia has to offer. Dive into the Ocean – Why not snorkel and swim beneath the ocean’s surface with a scuba diving adventure from Townsville? You’ll see the amazing marine life and get a true feel of Australia under water! So how are you going to celebrate this year?