Date 04.02.2016 The Victorian Building Authority(VBA) has implemented an improved system of registration and licensing for plumbers and builders. The new process is designed to deliver better outcomes for building and plumbing industries in Victoria and giving consumers a system simpler to use, which will ultimately reduce the regulatory burden on industry. The system guides those who are applying through the registration process which makes it easier for them to see if their current qualifications support and meet the necessary standards and what more is required to be provided before submitting an application, if their qualifications don’t meet the standards

The purpose of improving the system of registration is to improve the simplicity and reliability of the application and assessment processes.

The new registration system includes new application forms, templates and supporting materials for Plumbing and Building (Domestic Builder and Demolisher). They are now available to use on the VBA website. These materials will significantly reduce delays caused by incomplete or missing information. New material for the remaining building categories and classes will be progressively introduced from 1 February.

These changes reflect VBA’s commitment to delivering best practice industry regulation. Keep up to date with regular changes in the building and plumbing categories on the VBA website. Also, subscribe to VBA mail and receive regular newsletters and media releases