Date 07.04.2016 We are proud to have Moneycorp as our partner for your money transfers. Here’s a quick Q&A from Moneycorp

What is the key advantages of using moneycorp, over a bank?

Moneycorp can help you save money when making currency transfers to or from Australia. Being a specialist money transfer company, the exchange rates offered by moneycorp can be up to 4% better than the banks. We also provide a personalised service and can help you with the timing of your money transfers.

How long does an average transfer take?

Transfers can be done instantly once an account has been set up with moneycorp – within 2 days your Australian dollars will arrive in your bank account in Australia.

What’s the cost? Is it a fixed fee or percentage?

There is no cost of using the service – our exchange rates are based on a combination of factors below:

The current exchange rate

The amount transacted

The currency purchased

Do you offer better rates with certain banks? Or is the cost the same regardless?

It makes no difference which bank you are with.

If I don’t have a bank account in Australia can you help set one up?

Yes, we work closely with National Australia Bank (NAB) and can put you in touch with them to help you opening a bank account.

Do you have an online system like a bank or do I have to speak to someone?

You can make your transfers online or over the telephone, whichever way you prefer. Moneycorp Online is available which is a payments system. Available 24 hours a day with competitive exchange rates, it is the easy way to send money overseas.

Does my transfer have to be to my bank, or could I transfer to someone else or pay bills on my home or services?

You can transfer money to any bank account – this could be your own bank account or to pay bills overseas for example.

​What is the advantage of someone meeting moneycorp at The Moving Down Under Event?

​At The Moving Down Under Event you’ll be able to find out the latest news on the Australian dollar plus discuss your personal finances with an expert – get the best deal on your currency transfers.

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