Moneycorp are an award-winning foreign exchange specialist with over 35 years’ experience. Our market expertise saves both individuals and businesses money on their international payments and travel money needs. You can get bank-beating exchange rates when sending your money to a bank account in Australia.

Sending money to or from Australia

If you need to send money from an UK bank account to an Australian bank account, Moneycorp can help. Using your bank can be expensive when sending money internationally.

Use a specialist to get a good deal

Moneycorp are a money transfer specialist company and are an alternative to using your bank in the UK. Their exchange rates can be up to 4% better – you can also benefit from not paying any transfer fees (banks can charge £20-£40 per transfer). Therefore you can get more dollars for your pounds by using Moneycorp.

Prepaid explorer Card – get great rates on your travel money

Moneycorp also have a popular prepaid travel card that allows which you can load easily with Australian dollars – this can be used to access your travel money in Australia.

Why use Moneycorp?

Established since 1979, they are regarded as the leading money transfer company in Europe. They facilitated 7.2 million customer transactions last year, more and more people are switching to use them instead of using their bank.

Next steps

The first step is to register with Moneycorp which is free and no obligation – once registered you can send money to or from Australia and benefit from receiving great exchange rates on all your money transfers. You can register online with them by clicking here.

Contact Moneycorp today!

Tel: 0808 274 1998