New Zealand

Migrating to New Zealand

The internet is where most people start researching their move to New Zealand and if you do this you will soon find that a job offer is usually needed before you can apply for a visa. However a job offer is hard to secure because you don’t have a visa that allows you to work in NZ yet.

Then you go round in circles, nothing happens and many people eventually give up.

The good news is hundreds of thousands of people do secure job offers and move to New Zealand every year. So your starting point needs to be to find out exactly what your visa options are, your employment prospects and how you can put yourself forward in the best way so that employers will be interested in hiring you.

How to get a job offer

This is the most difficult and frustrating part in the immigration process. It is also the part that take the longest with most people taking anywhere from a few months to a few years to secure a job offer that allows them to apply for a visa.

The Key to securing a job offer is to remove the barriers that exist between you and the employers and recruiters in New Zealand. The best way to do that is to use a New Zealand based immigration service who provide employment support like DUC NZ.

You need to prove to employers that you are 100% committed, eligible for a visa, ready to move and have support to make sure the process runs as quickly and smoothly as possible if they offer you a role.

Hiring people from offshore is a big risk for an employer and we focus on removing the barriers for them as much as for the hundreds of skilled people we move to NZ every year.

Join us on our Monthly Webinar

Join us and NZ employers on our monthly webinar

On the third Tuesday of every month at 8 pm UK time we hold our New Zealand webinars.

We are live via New Zealand and joined by recruiters and employers we work with in New Zealand who are looking to hire people from overseas.

We also have expert speakers on Shipping, Pension transfer, money exchange and other aspects of making this life changing move. Registration is FREE via the Down Under Centre website so don’t miss out. Make sure you register now!

Why using a New Zealand based immigration consultant is essential

Our DUC NZ office is based in Auckland New Zealand. As we have seen in recent months Immigration Policy can change at any time.

As licenced advisers based in New Zealand we are constantly invited to seminars and workshops with the NZ Immigration service and also work very closely with employers many of whom are also not up to date with changes to immigration policy.

To make the move work you need to have someone based in New Zealand who can liaise with the employer and provide you the information and support you need. Especially if your goal is to live in New Zealand permanently.

We only offer to help people who can benefit from our assistance so to find out if you are one of those people book your one to one consultation now.

What is a Migration Planning session and how do I book one?

Our Migration Planning session is the first and often most crucial step in making the move to New Zealand a reality. This is not just a consultation to tell you that you are eligible for a visa. This is an hour long planning session which takes place with Paul Goddard from DUC NZ via Skype.

Every aspect of making the move is covered

  • The immigration process and how it applies to you
  • How to secure a job offer
  • Your employment prospects
  • The steps you need to follow
  • What it is really like to live in New Zealand
  • The costs involved
  • The time frames

To book your one to one consultation for FREE just click on the button below and after a few short questions you can upload your CV and schedule a call on a time and date that suits you.

You will also get a FREE copy of our exclusive Employment Toolkit. A 24 page guide on how to secure a job offer in NZ

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so do it now