Date 08.10.2014 New figures released by state-owned Quotable Value New Zealand, reveal that while property prices in NZ are still rising, the pace of the growth in September was at its lowest annual level for 15 months.

The figures show that nationwide residential property values for September increased by 6.4 per cent over the past year and 1.1 per cent over the past three months. The national average property prices in New Zealand is now NZ$481,497 – 16.2 per cent above the previous market peak of late 2007.

However, the market is still being driven by extreme property price growth in Auckland. Values in New Zealand’s most populous city have increased 10.3 per cent year on year while values are 33.8 per cent up on 2007. The average price of a property in Auckland is currently NZ$731,302.

“The New Zealand index is showing an increase in residential property values but the rate of growth continues to slow,” said Andrea Rush, QV’s national spokesperson.

“Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin saw home values increase, while Tauranga remained flat over the past three months. Wellington values continued the downward trend of recent months and Hamilton values were also slightly down over the past three months.

“Following a lull in sales activity and low listings in the lead up to the election [held in September], the election result coupled with the coming of spring and stable interest rates is bringing renewed interest and activity to the market,” added Rush.

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Article published 6th October 2014

Online Editor

David Fuller