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Looking to live and work in New Zealand? New Zealand is a country of opportunity, where personal development is on par with work-life balance. Recent surveys also show a very quality of employee-manager relationships. New Zealand largely relies on small businesses with an average of 13 employees per business which means an opportunity to work across departments and functions.

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To commence work with a New Zealand employer, you will be required to hold a New Zealand work visa. This is where New Zealand Shores’ consultancy services come into play and help you tackle the dilemma, through their long-standing collaboration with several employers and reputed recruiters. Let’s have a look at work visa categories.

Note: major policy changes are coming mid-2021 with new work visa categories. The information below is only relevant till mid-2021.

Essential Skills Work Visa New Zealand

This would be the most sought-after option for people who intend to work in New Zealand, and often marks the first step to gaining permanent residence in New Zealand. An Essential skills visa grants you the right to work in New Zealand for anywhere between 6 to 36 months which can be extended. This will depend on your circumstances.

The requirements for being granted a work visa under Essential Skills instructions are straightforward and foremost would involve obtaining an acceptable job offer from a New Zealand employer for a full-time employment. The offered position should be classified as ‘skilled’. You also must be considered ‘suitably qualified’ to execute the job.

Apart from the above, a key determinant for the eligibility of an Essential Skills visa will be the salary offered to you. You will be required to meet the salary threshold. This is determined on the basis of New Zealand median wage, every year, and the going market rate for the position.

Your Family Members…

Your spouse and children will be able to apply for a visa on the basis of their relationship to you. The visa applications for your family members can either be lodged simultaneously as a group, or after your visa has been approved and granted.

Work to Residence Visas New Zealand

A work to residence visa is a direct pathway to residence. You become eligible for a visa under this category if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • Job Offer from an accredited New Zealand employer; OR
  • Job Offer in an area of Long -Term Skill Shortage; OR
  • You are an accomplished person in art, culture or sports and have been invited to work by a recognised New Zealand organisation

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