Finding jobs in Australia

Finding a job in Australia is one of the biggest parts of your move if you are moving from overseas. Employers will have different expectations, but they most likely want migrants to be job ready. This includes:

  • Having the right visa to allow you to work
  • Have a moving date set
  • Have the correct registrations and licenses required for your occupation.

Australian visa types

It’s important that you have the right visa to allow you to work in Australia and understand the conditions of the visa. You can find out more about the different visa options and visa requirements at

If you are looking to go to Australia on a skilled visa, you must have an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List, have the right qualifications and work experience and generate a minimum of 65 points.

You can check your eligibility using our Free Visa Points Calculator and one of our migration experts can then get in touch with you to discuss your eligibility. Or for a free visa consultation, please call us on 0203 376 1555.

The DUC Employment Hub

The DUC Employment Hub helps with connecting skilled migrants to employers in Australia and New Zealand. You set up your own personal profile where you upload your CV, qualifications, employment evidence update with your process for moving down under. Employers will be able to follow your progression and contact you directly for employment opportunities. The DUC Employment Hub is great for migrants going on a skilled visa or looking for employer sponsorship.

Sign up to the DUC Employment Hub today and get £60 off using the code DUCEH20 (that’s 75% off the usual fee of £80)