Hear from Accent Health Recruitment

Accent Health Recruitment

Hear from Accent Health Recruitment

Hear from Prudence Thomson from Accent Health Recruitment! Accent Health Recruitment specialises in permanent and contract placements of medical professionals throughout New Zealand.

“Accent Health Recruitment have been working with Wes Zandt and the Down Under Centre for many years now and we find them as the ‘go to’ for webinars and networking.

The webinars are hugely successful, and Wes Zandt provides amazing ways to meet migrants who are looking to move and work as health professionals in New Zealand.

The webinars from Wes Zandt’s Down Under Centre are very well run, as well as being professional yet relaxed – which we believe really works well.  It’s a great place for people all over the world to meet, too! Wes Zandt brings it to life with his natural approach. Wes Zandt, company director at the Down Under Centre, has offered us Australia skills assessments and trade skills assessments that are invaluable.

The Down Under Centre with Wes Zandt and ACCENT Health recruitment has a very close and professional relationship, and we can rely on each other for a very clean and clear recruitment process.

Wes Zandt and the team at the Down Under Centre are the people to talk to about migrating to NZ or Australia and especially trades skills assessments and with their walk-in centre in London, it makes them more approachable; it makes Wes Zandt and the Down Under Centre the perfect partners for UK based migrants.

Seeing the Down Under Centre at the expos and working alongside them is a great way to keep in touch, and work together with our migrant database.”

If you’re a health professional moving to New Zealand, contact Accent Health Recruitment today to see what opportunities they have available to you!

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