Shipping to New Zealand from the UK

If you’re moving to New Zealand, you’ll of course be keen to ship your things at the cheapest cost possible but also be aware of all the quotes you receive as you could face more costs further down the line.

Here is a guide where we’ll look at how to get the best value on your shipping to New Zealand.

Check out this previous article from our partners at PSS International Removals to find out how much it costs to ship to New Zealand from the UK . This details the various costs involved and gives you some ball park figures.

Is It Expensive to Ship to New Zealand from the UK?

Shipping to New Zealand in small quantities tend to be expensive. For example, airline excess baggage fees can be very expensive and you are still limited to how much you can send. Also air courier charges for sending boxes of belongings from the UK may not be economical for large quantities.

However, if you use an international removal service where you will ship your thing by sea to NZ, it could be a lot cheaper. Unlike with excess baggage fees, the more boxes you send, the more economical it becomes.

Considering New Zealand is over 12,000 nautical miles away (22,000km), when you compare the costs of moving house all the way to Auckland with moving across the UK it doesn’t seem quite so expensive. However, when you’re migrating across the world you’ll have lots of other costs to consider so you’ll still want to save as much money as you can on your shipping.

Here we look at the cheapest way to ship your luggage, excess baggage, boxes, furniture and even your car to New Zealand.

Shipping Luggage / Excess Baggage to New Zealand

If you have more bags than your airline luggage allowance, looking at cheaper shipping options it something you should definitely consider.

  • Airline excess baggage fees – expensive but you can save if you book in advance.
  • Excess Baggage Service by Air – these air courier services offered by companies such as PSS are ideal if want to save money but time is important.
  • Shipping by sea – this is the cheapest option and personal shipping services such as offered by PSS provide a door-to-door service.

So for cheap luggage shipping plan ahead and ship by sea, it may take 8-12 weeks but can save you a lot of money.

Shipping Boxes to New Zealand

Using a box shipping service may be the ideal method for you if you only have a small number of belongings and things to send and are moving from a small property. This involves sending your belongings in boxes provided by the shipping company.

The more boxes you send, the cheaper it is per box. You could even save more money by packing yourself, but professional packing is still available if you need help.

Shipping Furniture to New Zealand

Considering the distances that are involved for shipping to New Zealand, moving furniture and other items using international removals companies may be cheaper than you initially thought.

They do however require an international removals service with specialist packing and handling. If you are moving the entire contents of your home you can book a whole 20 foot or 40 foot container. If less, you can save money by grouping your belongings together to share with others moving to the same city or country.

Cheap Car and Vehicle Shipping to New Zealand

When you are making a big move to New Zealand, it’s likely that you will want to ship out your car along with everything else as many cars are more expensive down under. There are several different options available for doing this, which could save you some money.

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