5 Reasons Why Expats Love New Zealand

Impressive waterfalls, glow-worm lit caves, volcanoes, glaciers, and stunning sandy beaches are just a few of the reasons why expats love New Zealand. This beautiful country has plenty to offer, and our currency partners Global Reach are highlighting why expats fall in love with the wonderful world of Down Under.

A Warm Welcome

The people in New Zealand are notoriously friendly and inviting, so it won’t be long before you’re settling in and making friends. You’ll always be able to ask for directions if you’re lost, and you should expect a friendly welcome to new jobs and communities.

Room to Breathe

New Zealand has the luxury of cities that still offer room to breathe. The island has better morning commutes with quieter cities, less time spent on travel and a great work-life balance. While London has around 8.8 million people, Auckland has only 1.4 million, so there’s a little less hustle and bustle every day.

A Chance to Try New Things

Do you have a bungee jump on your bucket list? Or perhaps you want to try zorbing? Maybe you’d rather have a more relaxing stroll through the rainforest to observe nature at it’s finest? Whatever you want to do, New Zealand has many exciting activities and interesting places to visit, so start a bucket list, and begin ticking things off!

More Pros, Less Cons

Although lots of people want to move Down Under, some worry about the creepy crawlies and other creatures that can be lethal if encountered. While there is one incredibly rare spider that can have fatal consequences if you’re bitten, there are no venomous snakes, scorpions, or insects, meaning you can worry less about any creepy crawlies you might find.

The Stats

New Zealander’s believe a healthy work-life balance is essential, so the quality of life on the island is very high. A 2015 survey by HSBC showed that 77% of expats say their quality of life in New Zealand was better than in their home country. What’s more, the 2017 HSBC Expat Explorer survey suggested that 76% of expat parents thought that living in New Zealand had improved their children’s health and wellbeing.

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