Parent Visa

Non-Contributory Parent (Permanent) Subclass 103

Parents must have the majority of their children in Australia as Permanent Resident or Citizens.

If one of you is aged over Australian Pension Age (currently 65½) you may be eligible to apply in Australia (on-shore) or off-shore.

If you are both under this age then you must apply off-shore.


Non-Contributory Parent (Permanent) Subclass 103

Currently a 30-year waiting period and not at all practical.

Visa fee as of July 2017 paid in two stages:

On application A$ 3,945 for main applicant + A$ 1,975 for partner.

Assurance of Support Bond A$ 5,000 for single applicant or A$ 7,000 for couple.

A$ 2,065 per adult at final stage when application is about to be approved.

Permanent visa valid for 5 years.

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