Date 24.02.2017

Australia needs Nurses!

It has recently been revealed that nurses and other members of the healthcare department are in popular demand in Australia! This means that there are many job opportunities available for midwives, qualified nurses and others. So, if you work in the healthcare department then this is good news for you!

Why is Australia looking for nurses?

Due to an increase in Australia’s population as well as in increase in immigration, there is an immense amount of pressure on the healthcare department especially in areas such as community care and maternity services. Because of this, the Australian government has responded by making more jobs available, building new hospitals and increasing services in hope that they will meet the needs of Australia’s growing population. As new hospitals are being made, there has been a continuous search in Australia for trained and qualified nurses; the government are also looking for experienced nurses from around the world to fill these positions and experience different opportunities!

Why should you move to Australia?

Many UK residents are more than happy to leave the miserable weather in England behind and say hello to Australia’s bright, sunny days! Why don’t you embrace a relaxed lifestyle and chill out on the beach all year round with amazing amounts of sunshine!

Australia also offers high standards of education and healthcare, so you won’t have any complications when it comes to the best for your family. There are over a million Brits living in Australia so come and say hi to the friendly residents and let Aussies welcome you into the country too!

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Source: Australian Nursing Agency