Patisserie Skills Assessment Australia

Patisserie – ANZSCO: 351112

If you are a Pastry Chef, your migration agent will ask you to complete the mandatory Patisserie Skills Assessment for migration to Australia. The Down Under Centre is proud to work closely with Trades Recognition Australia(TRA) Approved Registered Training Organisations(RTO’s) to facilitate their Technical Skype interviews and work with clients directly to make sure that they are ready and prepared for their Skills Assessment for Australia.

On successful completion of the Patisserie Skills Assessment you will be issued with your Australian Certificate 111 in Patisserie. This will be invaluable for employment once you arrive in Australia. The Down Under Centre deliver the Technical Skype interviews daily from our building in London. If you are based in Scotland we have venues closer to home where you can complete your Technical Skype interview.

The Down Under Centre specialises in Skills Assessments for Pastry Chefs. We work with numerous clients directly to ensure that all Skills Assessments completed are perfect prior to submission to the assessing body.

Find out more about our Agency Service for Pastry Chefs who want to migrate to Australia.


The process is broken up into three stages. Patisserie is not a licensed trade but Australian employers may insist you hold your Australian Qualification in Patisserie for registration purposes. Please note, each state and territory in Australia has different regulations and if you require a builder’s license you will need to obtain a Certificate 111 in .

1. SELF ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE: This is an online self-evaluation form to make sure your skill level is at the standard that Australia is looking for. Please make note the mandatory requirements and how many electives you will need to complete. Please email our office at or call our office on 020 3376 1555 to obtain the Self-Assessment Questionnaire. This is a free service.


DOCUMENTARY ASSESSMENT: In short, you are required to prove you are a Pastry Chef and have the necessary skills and knowledge to work as a Pastry Chef in Australia. You will need to provide evidence you have been qualified as a Pastry Chef for more than three years and that you have worked in this trade for a minimum of 12 months out of the last 36 months. You will be asked to prove this via pay slips, invoices, bank statements and/ or employment references. You also need to make sure you supply certified copies of your evidence and at photos of you working.

It is very important to remember that most of your evidence gathering for your Skills Assessment is also required for your Visa. During your conversation with the Down Under Centre, we will also be able to advise the number of years of work experience that will be required to give you maximum points for your visa.

The Down Under Centre can provide you with an agency service to assist you at this stage as it is considered to be the most difficult stage of your visa application. Please call us on 0203 376 1555 to enquire about our agency service and how it can specifically help you.


The final part of your Skills Assessment is a technical Skype interview. You will be required to come to our London venue The Down Under Centre based conveniently next to Ealing Broadway underground station Alternatively, you can choose to carry out your technical Skype interview at a venue in Scotland.

We will organise an Australian qualified Pastry Chef who is also an Australian qualified trainer and assessor to discuss your stage two application with you and your everyday working life as a Pastry Chef. Therefore, it’s very important that you have provided the assessing body and their assessor with a full stage 2 pack. Please note that if the assessor feels that you do not have the necessary skills to work in Australia as a qualified Pastry Chef, he/she will ask you to provide further information or complete a practical assessment/site visit which will be at your cost. The Down Under Centre have never had a client that has required a site visit as yet as we work closely with them to ensure that this does not need to happen. The assessors understand that you may be nervous, they will discuss your application with you in a calm manner in a relaxed environment and do all they can to assist you and put you at ease.

White Card

As a tradie, you will need to obtain your White Card for Australia in order to work on any Australia building/construction site. The White Card is equivalent to your CSCS Card. We provide an online course and issue the Western Australia White Card which is accepted Australia-wide. To get started, visit our White Card Course page and Register an account.

Once you have passed, your White Card will be posted to the address you supplied in your registration.



Cook and bake bread loaves and rolls, baps, cakes, wafers and pastry goods.

You will be inspecting the cleanliness of equipment and process of premises before manufacture runs to guarantee compliance with professional health and safety regulations. Also, you’ll be checking the excellence of raw materials and assessing ingredients. In addition, kneading, maturing, cutting, moulding, mixing and shaping dough and pastry goods with the task of preparing pastry fillings.

You should be checking and monitoring oven temperatures and appearance to determine baking times and organising the forming, loading, baking, unloading, de-panning and cooling of batches of bread, rolls and pastry products; glazing buns and pastries, and decorating cakes with cream and icing. Tasks also involve you operating machines which roll and mould dough and cut biscuits with the addition of emptying, cleaning and greasing baking trays, tins and other cooking equipment.


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