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A New Zealand Resident Visa allows you to stay in New Zealand, legally and permanently (subject to travel conditions), and expand your horizons by working and studying in New Zealand.

A New Zealand Resident Visa grants numerous rights, including;

• As a New Zealand resident, you will have the right to undertake any legal occupation in New Zealand.
• You will be able to study as a domestic-fee paying student and have access to free primary and secondary education at state-run institutions.
• You will also be able to seek subsidies to help pay for fees in any private school and institution.
• You will have access to subsidised public health care.
• You will be able to exercise the right to vote, as well as enrol in New Zealand elections.

Obtaining A New Zealand Resident Visa

How to obtain a New Zealand Residence Visa?” is one of the most frequent questions in our industry, and there is more than one answer!

There are many pathways to New Zealand Residency and the process of obtaining residence may take anywhere from a few weeks to over 12 months. A frequent pathway often requires that you first obtain a relevant temporary visa, which allows you to live, work or conduct business in New Zealand, while residence is being processed in the background.

The most popular pathways to New Zealand Residence are:

Skilled Migrant Category for New Zealand

This is a point-based system and the most popular route to residence through work. To gain residence under the Skilled Migrant Category the vast majority of applicants require a valid job offer from a New Zealand based employer.

Residence from Work for New Zealand

Another excellent alternative is to enter New Zealand on a temporary Work to Residence Visa. You will be required to meet the conditions of the temporary visa for at least 24 months and subsequently proceed with the residence visa. The conditions of such a temporary visa are either related to the employer, the type of occupation, or your salary. This pathway is due to disappear mid-2021.

Business-Based Residence for New Zealand

You could gain residence in New Zealand on the basis of your investment or business venture and will be required to meet the specific requirement of your business visa. Business-based residence visas mainly include:

  • Entrepreneur Residence Category
  • Employees of Relocating Business Category
  • Migrant Investment Categories
  • Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa

Partnership-Based Residence Visa for New Zealand

A person who has been living together with a New Zealand resident or citizen for at least 12 months in a genuine and stable relationship would be eligible for a partnership-based residence visa. In some cases, you may be initially required to enter New Zealand on a temporary visa to meet the requirements of a partner-based residence visa.

Dependent Child Category for New Zealand

Dependent children of New Zealand residents or citizens may be eligible for a New Zealand resident visa under the dependent child category.

Parent Category for New Zealand

Parents of New Zealand residents or citizens, who wish to reside with their children in New Zealand may be eligible for a visa under this category, if they meet the specific requirements of the category.

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