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Skilled Migrant Residence Category New Zealand

This is a point-based system and the most popular route to residence in New Zealand through work. To gain residence under the Skilled Migrant Category most people require a valid job offer from a New Zealand company.

The objective of the Skilled Migrant category is to fill the skill gap by allowing skilled candidates from across the world the opportunity to join the New Zealand workforce and make meaningful contribution to New Zealand, through their skills and talents.

Skilled Visa Process for New Zealand

As indicated above, this is a point-based system, and a candidate is allocated points based on criteria like, years of skilled work experience, recognised qualification, offer of employment in New Zealand, and age, at the time of lodging the application. The current points threshold is 160 points and anyone who is able to meet the points threshold along with the requirement of good health and character, will be eligible for a resident visa under the Skilled Migrant Category for New Zealand.

The visa application is done in two phases. The first phase entails submission of an Expression of Interest, which is a detailed form or questionnaire, that outlines how you meet the requirements for the visa and facilitates initial screening by Immigration New Zealand. If you meet the 160 points criteria, you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for residence, and subsequently submit all the evidence for the points claimed in the first phase.

Why Get Help from A Licensed Immigration Adviser?

Applying for, and subsequently obtaining, a Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa can seem a daunting and lengthy process, which is simplified through the expert and skilful guidance of our team of specialised and experienced advisers.

Meeting the 160 points threshold is crucial for obtaining residence, and it is imperative to have your profile assessed by an expert to ascertain that the requirements are met. Since the process is time consuming and expensive, it would be prudent to ensure you meet the requirements before the application is lodged.

Further, licensed immigration advisers possess the attention to detail and in-depth understanding of documentation requirements and immigration policy and they will ensure that the cumbersome process is executed seamlessly.

Our Services, with support from our partner New Zealand Shores Consultants

  • End-to-end management of the entire process
  • Job search support in New Zealand
  • Lodgement of all visa applications, including any relevant temporary entry visas
  • Revision of your CV/resume to make it compatible with the New Zealand job market
  • Liaising with local employers on your behalf which multiplies your chances to cease the right opportunity
  • Critical and crucial information about inside processes, as our principal advisor has worked as an officer at Immigration New Zealand!

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