Date 28.12.2016 Are You a Skilled Worker Looking for Job Opportunities in Australia?

As a tradesperson, there’s a good chance to find employment opportunities in Australia if you have the necessary skills and experience. There’s a high demand for particular skilled work across Australian states. A permanent resident visa is also waiting if you get in independently or through state sponsorship.

A number of job seekers tend to find employers who will sponsor them for work in Australia. However, there are other ways to get a visa and one of those is through a state nomination.

What Is a State-Sponsored Visa?

Workers who are awarded this visa are those who have had a state or territory government agency nominate them. With this visa, you can live and work as a permanent resident in Australia. But why do states sponsor visas?

There is a list of jobs that are in high demand for every state in Australia. Basically, it’s a list that details the shortages of skills for each state. As a result, the states who have a lack of skilled work in a specific category can offer a state-nominated visa to potential migrants who possess the skills and experience needed.

The requirements differ per state and they need to be met in order to be offered a state nomination. Apart from passing the state requirements, you also need to meet the requirements set by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for General Skilled Migration (GSM).

There are two kinds of state-sponsored visas you can go for:

Skilled – Nominated visa (subclass 190) Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) visa (subclass 489)

Why Go For a State-Nominated Visa?

You won’t be tied down to one employer. An employee-sponsored visa can be quite restrictive. There’s a very good chance you will get employed with a company that you may not like. So rather than be tied to them, and that’s what you can do with a GSM visa. You can choose what job you like. Although you were nominated for a particular occupation, you can work in a different position just to get started. You are offered a clear path towards residency. This is particularly true for those who come to Australia on a subclass 489 visa. You can easily find a job. You’re basically like a regular Australian citizen if you have a state-nominated visa. Since you don’t need an employer to sponsor you, it’s easier for companies to offer employment. Visit our jobs page and see what jobs are available from different employers in the Construction, Engineering, Electricial, Nursing and Hospitality Industry! Jobs are updated here weekly, so keep up with new job opportunities for Australia and New Zealand!

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