Date 19.01.2016 The Down Under Centre are pleased to introduce to you Stay Rent Buy Australia

Stay Rent Buy Australia are a qualified and experienced team to assist you with the right accommodation for when you make the move to Australia, whether you’re looking for short, medium or long term. They offer a diverse range of properties anywhere in Australia.

The team can guide you through the entire process from:

Property selection Conveyancing Finance Depreciation schedules Building inspections and much more.The team will ensure your experience in the Australia property market is both pleasant and profitable.

The Australian property market is one of the most diverse in the world. House prices have continued to increase, so when you buy property in Australia, it could be worth a lot more in the next year. For those who aren’t looking to make the move to Australia anytime soon can still invest and own Australian property.

Stay Rent Buy Australia are also licensed finance brokers, specialising in foreign lending, so they can answer any questions regarding finance in Australia.


Making the move to Australia is a big one, and it can be hard to know exactly where you want to call home while still in the UK.
Through our Stay service offered by Stay Rent Buy, you can book all types of accommodation anywhere in the country, at rates often better than what is offered by the hotels directly or other discount websites. Simply check out the Stay page of the website to start your search now.


Know where you want to live but not yet ready to buy?
Our Rent service offers all the information and assistance you need. Renting in Australia can be hard, especially without any local references. Our team of experienced rental managers can help you prepare the perfect application to give you the best chance of securing that dream home.