Who are the Sydney Swans?

Who are the Sydney Swans The Sydney Swans are one of 18 clubs that make up the Australian Football League.

The Club was formed as the South Melbourne Football Club in 1874 and was one of the foundation teams when the League was established in Victoria.

After winning early premierships in 1909, 1918 and 1933, South Melbourne endured tough times leading to a relocation to the Sydney Cricket Ground in 1982. In doing so, the Swans became the first AFL club based outside of Victoria.

In 2005, the Sydney Swans broke a record 72-year premiership drought by winning the AFL Grand Final. Just seven years later the Swans tasted success again, winning the 2012 AFL Grand Final.

The Swans have made the finals in 20 of the past 23 years, making them one of the most consistent sporting teams over the past two decades.

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What is AFL?

AFL is a uniquely Australian game with a rich history, supreme athletes and a nation of passionate fans.

Played by two competing teams on an oval-shaped field, the aim is to score points by kicking the oval-shaped football through goalposts at each end of the ground.

A regular game is divided into four quarters, consisting of 20 minutes of play. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

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